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Evaluating Your Marketing Efforts

After you have completed the research, developed your plan and created your marketing tools, you need to monitor the effectiveness of your hard work.

  • Customer Reactions: Sales are the best monitor of your success. However, sometimes you need to look beyond that. Are you getting repeat customers? Do they tend to comment on your product or services? Are you listening to what they say?
  • Tracking Tools: Translate your sales figures into percentages and tabulate your customer responses. Specific things to track include total units/jobs performed, total number of customers, the number of repeat customers, customer database (including addresses, age, income range and how they heard about you)
  • Don’t Change a Message Too Quickly: A common mistake is changing a successful advertising message after it has run for a period of time. Remember that you will get tired of a message long before your customers will. It may take time for your message to sink in, let alone wear out.
  • If It Isn’t Working…Fix It: Be smart when fixing a problem. Modify your marketing in stages so current customers aren’t confused.
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