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Liabilities and Insurance

Before starting your business, you should be aware of the potential liabilities that may be incurred when operating a business. You should look into what types of insurance may be required or may be in your best interest to protect your investment, business property and business income. Insurance companies can put together a specialized insurance package to meet the exact needs of your business. While it often makes good business sense to purchase various forms of insurance coverage, don’t buy what you don’t need! Here are some general types of insurance that you may want to consider.

When you operate your own business there are a number of different liabilities that may be incurred as part of your business operations.

As a business owner, you should be knowledgeable regarding the materials you use and produce as part of your business operations.

Talk to your insurance agent or broker about the needs for your particular business, profession, location and facility and review the various options available.

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